CitiKitty Cat Toilet-Training System $12.98 shipped!

January 26, 2014


CitiKitty Cat Toilet-Training System


If you’ve ever wanted to try a Cat Toilet-Training system, get the CitiKitty Cat Toilet-Training System on Groupon for only $12. 98 shipped! 

Check out the over 600 CitiKitty reviews on AmazonAmazon’s price is $29.99. Still, a great place to read about others’ experiences.

The CitiKitty cat toilet-training system gradually transitions feline friends from litter-box use into the realm of polite bathroom society. After placing the litter-filled training-seat basin beneath any toilet seat, cats start getting adjusted to sitting atop the loo. Pet parents remove each ensuing training ring over the course of three to six weeks until their pets fully assimilate to sand-free thrones, though an additional insert can be used to revisit previous stages in the event of training setbacks. The eco-friendly system saves pet owners time and money, and it relegates litter to other thankless duties such as combating beach erosion. The system can be used to train multiple cats at once, and it’s safe for adult cats and kittens as young as three months.

  • Five-step system teaches cats bathroom etiquette in three to six weeks
  • Removable rings to gradually reduce the amount of litter used
  • Training seat can be easily removed from the toilet for human use
  • Rids houses of litter and cats of shame
  • Safe for kittens three months and older
  • Additional insert for an extra toilet or retraining in the event of a setback
  • Fits standard toilets including elongated bowls and international toilets
  • Eco-friendly product and packaging
  • Use with flushable litter (not included)


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