PetChing: Protect Your Pet with a QR Tag and it’s own Web Page!

July 15, 2012





Protect your pets with todays deal from PetChing!

Get a set of four GetPetsHome ID tag set and a QR code that links to your pet’s profile page. You also you get an ID card for your wallet or key chain — all for just $6.00 shipped!


The first step is to create a pet profile on the GetPetsHome home page containing all the details, including a picture of your pet. Next, you order your ID tag set which will arrive, matched to your pet’s page. Included is a QR code reader app for your smart phon. This code is also readable in any web browser. The tags are durable and will last many years. They will be a vital link between your pet and you, in the event of a separation.

After you get the deal,  sign up to create your pet’s homepage and begin sharing photos & videos of your best friend here.

Your pet’s homepage will be assigned a unique URL, just like on most social networking websites. You can copy and share the link with your friends.

Within 2-3 weeks you will receive your GetPetsHome QR-coded pet ID tag in the mail. Attach it to your dogs collar(s).



Our pet ID tags are printed with a QR code that links directly to your pet’s homepage. Your pet’s URL is also printed on the tag so users can type it into their mobile browser if they don’t have a QR reader, or into a computer if they don’t have a smart-phone. This makes it easy to contact you by phone, text or email if your pet gets lost. You can also list a secondary contact, such as your vet or pet-sitter, in case you’re out of town or busy at work.

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